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“The light you left behind remains…”

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Non-profit Organisation
A fantastic cause for a wonderful human being. Joshua loved nothing more than to help those in need, and so we endeavour to continue his wish. RIP xxx
Our beloved Joshua was taken from us at the painfully young age of 18 years old. For such a young person, Joshua encountered many problems over his life time and really…….life was quite unfair!
A kind, gentle soul with a HUGE personality
Through all of the issues he encountered, he never failed to help those in need, proving the selfless nature he possessed
Many have said that Joshua was one of THE nicest people they had ever known. Even in death, Joshua has saved four lives through donating his organs; an act he always wanted to fulfil should the time arise.
Joshua suffered from mental health problems including depression and anxiety, following a lifetime of bullying. The ability to overcome personal matters and to change your outlook is somewhat diminished in such illnesses.
Although Joshua would think nothing about helping those around him – including strangers – he sometimes struggled to help himself.
Although we all have our “down” days, these cannot compare to what these poor souls suffer. Yes, medication can help restore some chemical normality………but there needs to be more help and self referral readily available.
Some NHS campaigners have done a marvellous job over the last few years to increase awareness of these issues. There has been great movement towards such help and assessment, but let’s be honest…… all costs money and takes valuable time.
As a new foundation, we have many aims and objectives and these are to name a few:
– Raise awareness of current and ongoing issues with mental health services
– Raise awareness and provide names of services available and how to self-help, or help those you care about
– Raise money for other charities such as Mind, Young Minds, Lets Talk, British Legion, Help for Heroes.
– Share news and other relating campaigns from both local and national organisations in areas such as mental health and Organ Donation.
– Educate, Educate, Educate
– by travelling around schools in the county we aim to raise awareness of the effects of bullying and how to tackle this ongoing and often underhand problem.
– Advising Life Skills (to the best of our abilities).
That is why we hope to raise awareness of ongoing matters and campaign for better services across the spectrum of mental health and the contributing issues, namely BULLYING!!
Ultimate aims of the foundation (future) include providing counselling sessions and activities for individuals to attend in a comfortable environment and our dream……..if we win the lottery…….. would be to open a retreat where people can get the specific help they require whilst boarding in a safe and comfortable place.
Although we would love for things to change overnight, we are realistic! Getting this page shared and spreading the word is a must in order to help makes things happen. We will update on any business as much as we can, and inform you all of any upcoming fundraising events. For now though……thank you for reading and remember……Keep sharing. Let’s continue Joshua’s work. Rock on Josh : )
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We will continue to raise money for organisations and charities that we love to support
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